outreach events

Creating opportunities to connect with our teenage audience.


Soccer Tournament 2019
One of our community events that took place in February of 2019 and raised $1200 for T1D research.


When Project LastDrop was first started, our intention was always to tailor the initiative to a teenage audience. We are aware of, and promote, the power of a teen’s voice in their community.

However, one of the roadblocks we initially encountered was keeping them engaged. In a time of instant gratification and constant movement, we had to find a solution to not only grab their attention, but to keep them interested in our work.

After extensive research and feedback, we decided to host our first beach volleyball tournament in the summer of 2018. The event was such a success, that the participants were immediately asking for another tournament. We also hosted another soccer tournament in the spring of 2019.

Through these outreach events we spread our initiative, and thus bring awareness to T1D. In addition, we raise funds for T1D through a participant fee. Moreover, almost all of the individuals with Senior Leadership positions in Project LastDrop were first exposed to the program through an outreach event.