Our Vision



I was diagnosed with type one diabetes in 2016, after being put in intensive care at the emergency room for diabetic ketoacidosis. Initially, I was filled with a sense of despair, and it seemed as if all of my goals in life were thrown off course. However, with the help of my incredible support team, I was able to get in control of my T1D and not let it affect me.

About a year after my diagnosis, I began to connect with other diabetics and I realized that not everyone had the resources I had. I got into contact with my local JDRF chapter and looked into ways of getting involved. I reached out to a couple friends about starting a walk team to raise funds for the 2018 Miami One Walk, and thus, Project LastDrop was born.

Although this initiative began as a family and friends walk team, over the last year we have solidified and recently became the official JDRF South Florida Youth Leadership Program. Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for type one diabetes with a modern mind set.

With our mission in mind, we have created various campaigns to further our goals in the South Florida community. We seek to form a network of diabetics and non-diabetics alike to foster an environment of compassion, hope, and service. We have come so far in just a year, and I am confident that with the help of my amazing team, Project LastDrop’s impact in the T1D community will grow to new heights in the coming year.


Stefano Sanchez | T1D
Executive Director

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