Our Work

We are working together with the South Florida Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to raise funds and awareness for type one diabetes, as well as connecting with the type one diabetic community through unconventional fundraising events, social media, and a letter providing a message of hope and an outlet for newly diagnosed diabetics.


Summer ‘18 Volleyball Tournament

1. Fundraising

The primary way we make a positive impact in our community is by fundraising. We host recreational events to raise money for the yearly JDRF Miami OneWalk. In addition, we solicit donations from the community and local businesses. The JDRF funds research to eventually find a cure for type one diabetes, as well as facilitate the treatment process for current diabetics and their families.


2. awareness

The second way we make a positive impact in our community is by spreading awareness about type one diabetes. There are so many misconceptions out there regarding the difference between type one and type two, along with people who think type one diabetes is an end to everything. We are dedicated to sharing the stories of individuals in the diabetic community who have successfully worked past their diagnosis.

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JDRF Bag of Hope

JDRF Bag of Hope

3. community Outreach

The third way we make a positive impact in our community is by reaching out to newly diagnosed children. It wasn’t that long ago that our Executive Director was diagnosed, so we know how scary and shocking it can be to go through such a life-changing transition. We have a letter that is given to kids at the time of diagnoses along with the JDRF Bag of Hope, a book bag filled with different T1D resources.


4. School clubs

Do you think your school community could use a bit of Project LastDrop? Want to get involved? Reach out to us! Your school club can do anything from hosting fundraising events to tackling misconceptions at your school.

We currently have clubs in Belen Jesuit Preparatory School and Christopher Columbus High School, both of which are located in Miami, FL.

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