Finding a cure starts with YOU.

There are a myriad of ways to get involved in our initiative. You can start your own campaign as a Campaign Leader, spread awareness for T1D as an Ambassador, start a club at your school, or just be an active member of the program. In addition, you can donate to fund our campaigns, as well as T1D Research and Advocacy through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.



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Our Program Members are at the heart of our initiative. They participate in our community outreach events, fundraise for T1D, and they spread awareness for the condition. They tackle misconceptions that arise on a daily basis, and they are informed members of the community.  More information →


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Ambassadors are the individuals who serve as catalysts for the growth of our program by promoting community outreach events and spearheading fundraising efforts. They serve as an example of the ideal member through their enthusiastic and selfless attitude toward our program campaigns. More information →


Campaign Leader

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Campaign Leaders are individuals who initiate a service campaign or initiative within the Project LastDrop Youth Leadership Program. For example, if you would like to start an initiative to send type one diabetes medical supplies to developing countries, this is definitely the route to take.  More information →

School Club

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Aside from the regional level program, Project LastDrop also is creating clubs at schools to better engage with the student populations and enhance their opportunities to get involved with the cause. If you would like to start a club at your school, contact us to get the process started. More information →