Awareness and community involvement

Nurturing a community that serves as a catalyst for positive change.


Project LastDrop was first conceptualized as an outlet to tacked T1D misconceptions and increase the level of awareness of the condition in the South Florida community. So little people are aware of the difference between Type 1 and Type 2, familiar with the T1D symptoms, and fully understanding of the struggles type one diabetics face on a daily basis.

Through our social media platforms we share the stories of type one diabetics and others who share connections to the T1D world to further this community awareness and acceptance. With these stories, we don’t just scratch the surface of what it is to have type one diabetes. We truly get to what T1D entails and the effects that the condition has on an individual and their support system. Having a positive outlook in mind, we try to tailor our stories to share hope through our platform.

We also plan on including endocrinologists, trainers, nutritionists, and other T1D professionals to encourage diabetics to not let their condition take hold of their lives. Our program is filled with people who are living proof that we can not let T1D define us and limit our growth as individuals.

To give our program members a more tangible experience with awareness, we have clubs at various schools to fully immerse ourselves with the student population across the South Florida Region. In the coming year, we will be expanding our video series and other awareness initiatives through our social media platforms, as well as creating even more clubs at schools to further not only our awareness and community involvement campaigns, but all of our campaigns. Click here to read more about the stories we have to share with the world →.


Project LastDrop 2019 Member Distribution