Project LastDrop

Working to raise funds and awareness for T1D.


Moving one step closer to finding a cure.




Outreach Events




Community Involvement


Giving A Voice To T1D.

At Project LastDrop, we serve as an outlet for the T1D community to share their voice. From diabetics, to parents, to healthcare professionals, everyone has a story to tell. Read more about the experiences that our amazing family has to share.

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Committed To Serving Our Community.

By coming together at various events throughout the year, our close-knit community fosters change. Over the course of the year, with the help of our amazing team, we participate in a wide range of events that help spread the awareness of type one diabetes, as well as raise funds for the cause.

We host athletic events, such as soccer and volleyball tournaments, to blend work with fun! Through these events we are able to collect money to contribute towards our One Walk Fund.

We also are active members of our JDRF South Florida Chapter, and participate in their events throughout the year as well. For example, we participate in the yearly One Walk and the Type One Nation Summit.

Our school clubs also have numerous meetings throughout the year to keep their members involved and interested in the initiative.